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Our latest news

  • We're hiring! Interested? Drop us a line.

  • Product video of Stralo.

  • Our Stralo system featured on national TV!

Creative tech

We love a challenge. Finding new and creative ways to apply technology makes our hearts beat faster.

  • Location aware tablets

    We live and breathe culture. We're on a mission to make any visit to a museum, exhibition, library, public space,... as enjoyable as possible.

    So we've invented an indoor GPS system with custom radiowave electronics that integrates with a tablet.

    Talbot House
  • Stralo

    Our own RF-chip, based on DASH7 technology.

    This chip allows us to perform indoor location positioning and is mainly used in our rugged, location-aware tablets.

    But they're versatile and you'll find them in various of our projects.

    Project Halo
  • Bazooka Game

    Our pet project. Ever wanted to shoot down cows without getting sued? Call us, we'll make it happen.

    Seriously, call us for more info, it's very exciting technology.

  • Interactive Hardware

    Crossing the bridge from reality to virtuality through hardware is our speciality.

    Both hardware and software, we've got the skills in-house.

    Interactive Hardware
  • Computer vision

    What's the next step in multitouch technology and image recognition? Gesture based interactions and automatic vision-learning.

    We're currently exploring the future of computer vision in an internal R&D project.

    Computer Vision

reality gaming

  • A game for Palm

    More than 800 youngsters played our Reality Game for Palm Breweries. During three weeks, we occupied the city of Ghent, Leuven and Antwerp with constant gameplay.

    We printed 10 000 unique tags on 20x20cm stickers and invaded the party streets of the cities. The goal? To meet new people and let them have a Palm together!

  • Story and Scenario

    For every game, we write a new scenario. From scratch, no peeking.

    Have you ever met someone who codes, draws and writes cool stuff at the same time? Meet Wouter, he's got it all.

  • IT Is Cool

    In collaboration with Saskia Van Uffelen (ICT Woman of the Year 2011) and a few good men, we designed a Reality Game for a science fair in Brussels.

    The idea: make wireless digital cameras interact with a pop-quiz and make kids run for their lives. Boy, did they.

digital video

  • Elvea

    This is what happens when you cross a music clip with cooking. We worked with a young and upcoming French songwriter for the score.

    editing: Joeri De Mulder
    compositing: Bartel Bruneel
    music: Belcirque
    production: Beligum & Future Talents

  • Selor

    Oh yes, we produce corporate stuff too! These clips were created together with Trendwolves: a series of animations to explain the workflow of applying at Selor.

    concept: Trendwolves & Beligum
    graphics: Zologie
    compositing: Zologie
    production: Beligum

  • StuBru

    The awesome bunch of Studio Brussel decided to put 4 trainees in bodysuits at the Ostend summer festivals and wanted us to capture it all.

    concept: StuBru
    camera: Future Talents
    production: Beligum

  • Klein Karoo steak

    Advertising video for the quality meat of Klein Karoo.

    concept: Beligum
    camera: Daniel Granados
    production: Beligum

  • MIAT 2013

    Promo clip for the industry and textile museum MIAT in the city of Ghent.

    concept: Beligum
    camera: Bas Van Hoof
    sound: Tobias Deruwe
    production: Beligum

  • Reality Gaming

    A video experiment to promote Reality Gaming.

    concept: Beligum
    compositing: Bartel Bruneel
    production: Beligum

  • Klein Karoo burger

    Our cool and alternative way to promote ostrich burgers.

    concept: Beligum
    animation: Kamiel Bral
    production: Beligum

custom web

We create awesome looking, tailor made websites that are child's play for you to handle thanks to Rapper Steve.


Creatives who know a shitload about technology. We start by investigating a new technology and push it's limits. Most of our ideas start digital but we love to make them come to life.


Our passion goes beyond the contents of our library. From Baudelaire to HTML6. We meet with experts, plunder book shops and experiment in our lab... And figure stuff out.


We love to invent things. The risk of explosions is one we're willing to take. Maybe that's why we move offices from time to time.


As Hunter S Thompson once said
"If you're going to be crazy, you have to get paid for it or else you're going to be locked up."

about us

  • Bram Biesbrouck

    Founder and digital centipede.

  • Wouter Vanhoutte

    Screenwriter who happens to be a computer expert.



DOK Noord 4D/102

9000 Ghent (Belgium)

+32 486 11 82 80




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Copyright © 2013 Beligum